Oval Engagement Ring With Wedding Band (2024)

There are many options for pairing an oval diamond engagement ring with a wedding band. There’s rounded classic polished bands, flat bands, full eternity diamond pavé bands, twisted bands, different textures, chevrons, curved bands.

Ultimately, your perfect match is entirely dependent on your personal taste and how you want to curate a cohesive bridal set.

Tips to match your oval engagement ring with a wedding band

Ovals are a little different, but don’t stray too far from tradition. Due to their elongated silhouette, they can look almost 10% larger than round stones of the same carat weight and don’t carry the same price premium. Here are some factors to consider and a range of options to help you choose the best wedding band to complement your oval diamond or gemstone engagement ring:

Curved Bands

When you think of a wedding ring, you may think of the classic straight polished band. However, many engagement rings aren’t designed for a straight band to sit perfectly flush next to them.

Instead, opt for a curved, contoured wedding band that is specifically designed to fit snugly against the curves of the oval centre stone. This allows your wedding ring to sit flush against your engagement ring as a perfect match.

Oval Engagement Ring With Wedding Band (1)

Curved wedding bands

Vale Width: 1.8mm $830
Vista Width: 1.8mm $830
Valley Width: 1.8mm $830
Peak Type: half eternity Width: 1.8mm $1,600

Chevron Bands

If you’re not looking for a perfectly flush look, consider a chevron or ‘V’ shaped band–also sometimes known as a wishbone band. As their name suggests, these bands go one step further than a curved design and have an inverted V shape where two strands of metal meet at a point.

While these often don’t sit exactly flush against engagement ring designs, no matter the stone shape, they’re a contemporary take on a classic, perfect to be worn stacked against your most sentimental jewellery.

Oval Engagement Ring With Wedding Band (6)

Chevron wedding bands

Summit Type: half eternity Width: 1.8mm $1,600
Shasta Width: 1.8mm $870
Valley Width: 1.8mm $830

Minimalist Bands

A dainty, understated band allows the oval engagement ring to shine as the focal point. Typically finished without any adorning stones, and with a classic polished metal finish, this understated style complements the ring’s simplicity, creating a timeless and refined combination.

Minimalist wedding bands

Willow Width: 2.0mm $660
Protea Width: 1.60mm $480
Magnolia Width: 1.6mm $480
Jasmine Width: 1.8mm $630

Channel or Pavé Set Bands

Still classic, with a touch of brilliance, consider a wedding band that features channel or pavé-set diamonds or gemstones. These bands add an extra dynamic to your ring set and provide the perfect juxtaposition between metal and gemstone.

Channel wedding bands

Daisy Type: half eternity Width: 1.6mm $1,050
Bluebell Type: half eternity Width: 1.6mm $1,270
Verona Type: 3/4 eternity Width: 2mm $1,990
Laurel Type: 3/4 eternity Width: 1.8mm $1,530
Camellia Type: half eternity Width: 1.8mm $1,480
Aster Type: half eternity Width: 2.1mm $1,420
Violet Type: half eternity Width: 2.90mm $2,420
Laurel Type: 3/4 eternity Width: 1.8mm $1,530
Daisy Type: half eternity Width: 1.6mm $1,050
Iris Type: half eternity Width: 2.5mm $1,950
Daisy Type: half eternity Width: 1.6mm $1,320

Mixed Metal Bands

Consider a mixed metal wedding band to create a modern and eye-catching contrast. Having the settings directly around white diamonds crafted in a white metal accentuates their bright white appearance, while matching a yellow metal setting directly next to a yellow gemstone will emphasise their shared hues. The juxtaposition of the contrasting metal tones results in a visually interesting and versatile bridal set.

Mixed metal wedding bands

Alba Type: half eternity Width: 1.6mm $1,640
Alba Type: half eternity Width: 1.6mm $1,640
Heath Width: 6mm $1,500

Oval solitaire engagement ring with wedding band combinations

Daisy >
Demure >
Protea >

The oval solitaire engagement ring is a coveted choice, popular with our customers and A-listers alike. The likes of Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson & Hailey Bieber all wear oval diamond solitaire rings to symbolise their engagement. This timeless style has gained significant popularity in recent times due to its combination of a contemporary oval cut and a traditional solitaire setting.

When it comes to selecting a wedding band for this engagement ring style, there’s a wide range of options available to create a cohesive and stunning bridal set. Classic solitaire settings pair well with both rounded or flat profile bands, as well as diamond-accented bands such as infinity, twisted or cluster bands. All of these choices beautifully complement the simplicity of the solitaire design depending on your personal style.

For those seeking a band with a slightly different silhouette, options like a signature V or chevron band can add a touch of modernity and visual interest to the overall look. These bands create a contemporary contrast while still maintaining the elegance of the oval solitaire engagement ring.

Oval Engagement Ring With Wedding Band (31)

Oval halo engagement ring with wedding band combinations

Camellia >
Allure >
Jasmine >

The halo engagement ring style is best known for the way it emphasises the appearance of its centre stone by surrounding it with a ‘halo’ of smaller diamonds or gemstones.

Pairing a halo engagement ring with a plain polished metal band creates a classic and clean look, allowing the halo design to shine. A contoured or curved band is designed to fit perfectly around the halo, ensuring an elegant and seamless fit–depending on the overall shape of your halo, this may have to be custom designed to ensure a perfectly flush finish. Or consider opting for a vintage-inspired band with intricate details to add a romantic and nostalgic feel.

Oval three stone engagement ring with wedding band combinations

Jasmine >
Faith >
Clover >

Oval three-stone engagement rings feature a centre oval diamond or gemstone flanked by two smaller stones–each symbolic of the past, present and future.

When considering how to match an oval trilogy engagement ring with a wedding band, there’s a range of options. Match with a delicate, thinner and more classic band for a traditional style or opt for a thicker, chunkier band with gemstones or diamonds for a more contemporary or unique look. The wonderful thing about wedding rings is that you can push the design boundaries with different choices of styles and materials to complement your existing engagement ring design in any way you like–that’s the magic of custom.

Vintage oval engagement ring with wedding band combinations

Dahlia >
Selene >
Lilac >

To complement the unique charm of a vintage oval engagement ring, there are several wedding ring styles to be considered. Synonymous with filigree details, engraving, milgrain edges and geometric lines, vintage jewellery design is perhaps the most evocative of all.

Opt for a classic polished band to let the engagement ring design sit centre stage or match the intricate details seen in your engagement ring design. Explore bands inspired by the Art Deco era, characterised by geometric lines and patterns, baguette diamonds or step-cut coloured gemstones. These bolder design elements can pair perfectly with an antique-inspired engagement ring and can even be worn alone as a statement piece.

Oval Engagement Ring With Wedding Band (41)

Vintage wedding bands

Wisteria Type: 3/4 eternity Width: 2.30mm $1,560
Everlia Type: 3/4 eternity Width: 5mm $15,570
Verona Type: 3/4 eternity Width: 2mm $1,990
Aura Width: 2.7mm $1,770
Dahlia Type: 3/4 eternity Width: 2.10mm $1,680

Unique oval engagement ring with wedding band combinations

Laurel >
Tamora >
Protea >

Match oval engagement rings with wedding bands by colour

Matching wedding bands to engagement rings is often primarily led by the metal of the engagement ring. In most cases, people opt to have both rings in the same metal to sit harmoniously on the finger together. But as always, the choice is yours. Gone are the days of uniformity–mixing and matching is here to stay. Be it tableware, fabric patterns or metal tones–wearing clashing metal tones is the perfect way to express your personal style.

Platinum oval engagement rings and wedding bands

Platinum’s exceptional lustre and durability make it the perfect choice for showcasing the beauty of oval-cut diamonds. With its brilliant white hue, platinum serves as an ideal background to enhance the sparkle of diamonds, enhancing their brilliance and creating a captivating display.

Platinum’s strength and durability ensure that your oval engagement ring and wedding band will withstand the test of time, symbolising the enduring love and commitment of your relationship. Whether adorned with delicate diamond accents or kept simple and understated in its polished form, platinum oval engagement rings and platinum wedding bands radiate timeless sophistication.

Oval Engagement Ring With Wedding Band (50)

Yellow gold oval engagement rings and wedding bands

Yellow gold, with its rich tones, brings together old school charm with a touch of warmth. Yellow gold engagement rings and yellow gold wedding bands saw a slump in the 1990s, with many opting for the cool, brightness of white metals. However, yellow gold has since made a mighty return with around a third of the rings we create being crafted in this glorious metal.

The combination of the oval-shaped centre stone and the warm hue of yellow gold creates a pretty iconic look–it’s almost exactly what you imagine when you think of an engagement ring. Whether you opt for a simple and understated design or one adorned with intricacies and fine details, a yellow gold oval engagement ring or wedding band will always look enchanting.

Oval Engagement Ring With Wedding Band (51)

Rose gold oval engagement rings and wedding bands

The unique hue of rose gold creates a distinct and captivating look that sets it apart from traditional gold options. Rose gold engagement rings and rose gold wedding bands have a whimsical allure. The warm and blushy tones of the metal add a touch of softness to the overall design. Whether adorned with intricate filigree detailing or kept simple and minimalist, rose gold oval engagement rings and wedding bands have the potential to become cherished heirlooms, passing down their enchanting beauty and sentiment through the generations.

Oval Engagement Ring With Wedding Band (52)

White gold oval engagement rings and wedding bands

The bright and lustrous appearance of white gold beautifully complements the elegance of an oval-shaped diamond engagement ring. When committing to a white gold engagement ring and white gold wedding band stack, consider designs with sculptural forms and clean lines to strike a harmonious balance between modernity and tradition.

The combination of white gold and the oval shape does create a stunning contrast and captures a sense of sophistication. While white gold results in a very similar look to platinum, we’d always recommend choosing platinum instead of white gold, unless you have a strong preference.

The reason for this is because white gold requires life-long maintenance. Every two to three years, white gold needs to be replated with rhodium which costs around £100. Over a lifetime, this can add up to be more than you’d have originally saved by choosing white gold over platinum. Conversely, platinum requires no long-term maintenance–a simple clean and buff every once in a while will keep it looking good as new provided it’s well taken care of.

Oval Engagement Ring With Wedding Band (53)

Oval Engagement Ring With Wedding Band (2024)


What wedding ring goes with oval engagement ring? ›

There are many options for pairing an oval diamond engagement ring with a wedding band. There's rounded classic polished bands, flat bands, full eternity diamond pavé bands, twisted bands, different textures, chevrons, curved bands.

What does an oval ring symbolize? ›

An oval diamond symbolizes everlasting love, family, and new beginnings, all of the things that come to mind when we think of a new marriage. The diamond's oval shape is endless as the diamond's facets circulate for eternity. This type of cut has many other meanings, demonstrating its versatility.

Do you wear engagement ring and wedding band at the same time? ›

For those opting to wear both rings, tradition dictates that you wear your engagement ring and wedding ring together on the fourth finger of your left hand. As far as how to stack them, tradition also holds that you'll wear the wedding band inside the engagement ring so that it's closer to your heart.

What is the rule for engagement ring and wedding band? ›

While your engagement ring represents a promise, your wedding ring is meant to solidify that promise, with both rings worn on the ring finger of your left hand once you're married. On your wedding day, your engagement ring should be worn on the third finger of your right hand.

What is the advantage of an oval engagement ring? ›

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings Make Fingers Look More Slender

Because an oval is an elongated shape, oval diamond engagement rings give the illusion of longer, more slender fingers. So, if you're seeking elegance, you've found it! Those with long, thin fingers will also love how an oval compliments their finger.

What type of engagement ring looks biggest? ›

Best Diamond Shapes for a Big Look

The ones that carry mass at the top are marquise, pear, and oval cut diamonds. These diamond cuts are known as elongated shapes, and these elongated shapes actively contribute to the illusion of size.

What does an oval diamond say about you? ›

The Oval Diamond

This bold cut suits an innovative, unique, sophisticated woman who is also a leader. Oval cuts have become one of the most up-and-coming, popular diamond shapes.

Is oval engagement ring a trend? ›

Oval and round are now joint most popular shapes

Our Demure style with an oval centre stone has been our stand-out winner and by far the most popular. They can often appear larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight when viewed from the top.

Do oval engagement rings look bigger than round? ›

Because of its elongated shape and weight distribution toward the top of the stone, ovals will appear larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight. This fact is backed up by the overall surface area of the diamond on display. Ovals come out about 10% bigger than round cut diamonds of a similar carat weight.

Do you show the wedding band when you propose? ›

A wedding band isn't given to her when you propose. You give her the engagement ring when you propose and you give her the wedding ring or band at your marriage ceremony. A wedding ring is a ring that may be tapered or otherwise designed so it is not the same thickness all the way around.

What happens to engagement ring after wedding? ›

Traditionally, the wedding band goes first on the finger so it's closest to the heart. To ensure the proper position, some brides temporarily move their engagement ring to their right hand. Then, after the nuptials, they return the ring to their left hand over the wedding band.

Can I wear my wedding band if I'm engaged? ›

In the US, most brides wear their wedding and engagement rings together. Many will have both rings soldered together for comfort. There is a new trend where the bride wears only the engagement ring. I also know many brides that have worn a wedding band only and never wore an engagement ring.

Who legally owns an engagement ring after breakup? ›

A no-fault approach states that it doesn't matter who broke the engagement. In these cases, the giver gets the ring back, regardless of who ended the engagement. Typically, the only states where a no-fault approach does not lead to the giver getting the ring back is if the ring was considered an unconditional gift.

Should I wear my engagement ring everyday? ›

Many people choose to wear their engagement rings, wedding bands or other jewelry all day. As long as you're not wearing your ring in situations that can potentially damage it or result in losing the ring, it's generally perfectly safe to wear your ring all day.

Do I need 2 rings to propose? ›

There are no hard and fast rules about what kind of engagement or wedding jewelry you have to have; some choose just one ring because of their career or lifestyle, while others like the simplicity of just one ring. "At the end of the day, it should be what the bride wants," Sassone says.

How to pick a wedding band that complements the engagement ring? ›

For the band to sit flush, choose a shadow band that contours your engagement ring. For a perfectly coordinated pairing, choose a wedding band that matches both the metal and thickness of the engagement ring.

How do you style an oval engagement ring? ›

While oval diamonds are typically set vertically, or north-south, to showcase its elongated cut, the diamond can also be set horizontally, or east-west, for a far more unique look. Highlight the horizontal oval center stone with a halo or choose a setting with a diamond encrusted band.

What does an oval diamond engagement ring mean? ›

Oval engagement rings represent the promise of a lifetime. They value the creative intellect and see risk-takers as a kindred soul. The oval diamond can signify the promise of children and family, or it might represent a new love and a new life together.

Is oval engagement ring timeless? ›

An oval diamond engagement ring will look great with any setting, from vintage to modern, and it's not hard to see why. “Ovals are timeless for a very good reason!


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