A Complete Guide to Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings for the Modern B (2024)

Engagement rings hold a special place in the hearts of couples embarking on the journey of a lifetime. Some may even call them the most important piece of jewelry they'll ever wear. Due to their significance and the fact that they're meant to be worn eternally, engagement ring shopping can be an overwhelming task. Especially considering there are so many choices out there!

If you're a modern bride, consider the oval-cut diamond. Unique and elegant, it has risen in popularity in recent years. A delightful twist on the classic round, an oval diamond gives the illusion of size coupled with brilliant sparkle! We've created a helpful guide to navigating the world of oval-cut diamond engagement rings, from understanding their characteristics to making an informed choice.

Understanding Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval-cut diamonds are renowned for their distinctive shape and facets, setting them apart from other known cuts. Similar to a round, their elongated oval shape, combined with just the right cut, can maximize the stone's brilliance and fire. Oval diamonds have two ends or heads, the belly (the middle of the diamond), and the shoulders between the ends and belly. They have excellent scintillation because they are cut to have 57 or 58 facets, just like a round brilliant.

Oval diamond engagement rings are ideal for modern brides because they still maximize light while having a unique and trendy profile. Additionally, their larger surface area makes them appear bigger than a round brilliant, even if they're not actually higher in carat weight.

The history of oval-cut diamonds dates back to 1957, when the cut was first developed. However, they've seen a few resurgences in popularity since then, most notably in the early 2000s. In modern times, they've evolved into a timeless choice for engagement rings.

Key Factors to Consider

When shopping for cut diamond engagement rings, it's important to remember the following factors.

Quality of the Diamond

Oval diamond engagement rings are no different than other diamond rings regarding the stone's quality. Always pay attention to the 4Cs – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

    • Cut Quality: The cut of the diamond is crucial if you want your stone to sparkle and appear symmetrical. Because of their shape, poorly cut oval diamonds can give a bowtie effect or a dark shadow that starts in the middle and expands outward, like a bowtie. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder or wearer, it's generally best to choose a higher-grade cut and avoid oval diamonds with a prominent bowtie.
    • Clarity and Color: The other factors, clarity, color, and carat weight, are slightly less significant when compared to cut. You should choose a diamond with good to excellent clarity, which can detract from the stone's brilliance. Color grades can depend on if you want your diamond to look icy and white or if you don't mind a slightly warmer stone. Less-white diamonds are typically not as expensive, and in most cases, it can be difficult for the naked eye to distinguish between color grades that are close on the spectrum. Choose a color and clarity grade that you find beautiful and that suits your budget.
    • Carat Size and Shape Ratio: Oval diamonds usually appear larger thanks to their elongated shape. Still, a small-carat diamond can only look so big. Additionally, you typically want your carat weight to be large enough to accommodate the standard oval diamond length-to-width ratio, 1.35-1.50, without making the stone look too petite. Diamonds outside of this ratio can look too narrow or too round.

Of course, budget plays a role in determining the carat weight. If you select a lab grown diamond oval engagement ring, you can often make the most of your budget. Lab grown diamond engagement rings are exactly like their natural counterparts but come with a more affordable price tag.

Setting and Metal Choice

Oval diamonds are very versatile, working with various settings and metal types. Brides can choose to pair them with a trendy halo or even the more en-vogue hidden halo, such as the Channel Set Hidden Halo oval engagement ring. It maximizes sparkle with pave set diamonds on the band and a petite hidden halo under the oval diamond's setting so the ring dazzles no matter the angle. Oval diamonds are complemented by vintage details, too, like the Vintage Celtic Engaged diamond ring, featuring a scrolled motif and a unique heart-detailed setting. Highlighting the oval diamond's adaptability, the cut also complements a solitaire setting, which tends to be the choice of many modern brides.

It goes without saying that any metal you choose will complement an oval diamond. Yellow gold is the classic choice, offering timeless appeal. Brides who want a vintage flair may opt for romantic rose gold. In contrast, cooler metals like platinum or white gold give trendy and contemporary vibes.

Certification and Ethical Sourcing

Oval diamonds are available as natural stones or manmade. Lab grown diamonds are the ultimate modern choice due to their sustainability and ethical considerations. Lab grown diamond engagement rings often have a much lower price tag. Still, their diamonds have the same aesthetics and composition as their natural counterparts.

If you are choosing natural diamonds, select a certified stone. Asking for certification ensures your gem is of the best quality and ethically sourced.

Style and Design Trends

With Clarity's Oval engagement rings come in various styles and designs. Some of the top picks are:

Classic Four-Prong Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring
A timeless choice, this delicate ring emphasizes the beauty of your diamond's cut and brilliance. The traditional four-prong setting lets light move through the stone for maximum fire and scintillation. Personalize it by choosing your metal with a choice from - rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.

Twisted Vine Accent Engagement Ring
The modern pave set band gets a delightful twist in this nature-inspired ring. An intertwined split shank meets at the classic prong setting. Accent stones, in a contrasting yet complementing pear shape, flank the breathtaking oval cut center stone.

Oval-Cut U-Prong Oval Side Studded Engagement Ring
Modern doesn't always mean minimalist. Elevate your ring with opulent oval cut gems arranged in U-shape prongs along the band's shoulders. In the center is a stunning oval diamond nestled in channel-set round diamonds just below the prong tips. It's breathtaking from every angle and a definite statement-maker.

Practical Considerations

Fortunately, oval diamonds tend to be more durable than other fancy cuts. Their lack of sharp edges or corners makes them less likely to snag on something and chip or fracture. Nevertheless, you should choose a diamond and setting that suits your lifestyle. Consider your personality and daily activities to ensure your ring will look gorgeous for decades and be a piece of diamond jewelry you'll cherish forever. And remember, all diamond engagement rings, regardless of the stone's cut, require proper maintenance to keep their sparkle and shine! Talk to expert gemologists at With Clarity for more details.

Budgeting and Pricing

Oval diamond engagement rings typically aren't as expensive as round brilliant diamond engagement rings. However, factors like the stone's 4C grades, the metal chosen, and customization can affect the price. It's best to select a ring that is both beautiful and within your budget. If you want a completely personalized oval diamond engagement ring that includes details of your own design, consider creating your ring with With Clarity. To get the most of your budget without compromising on quality, you should go for a lab grown diamond.

Shopping Tips

When engagement ring shopping, take your time identifying reputable jewelers, both physical and online, who offer high-quality oval-cut diamond rings. Do your research and pay attention to warranties and return policies. Unique features offered, like Home Preview, are also essential. With Clarity, you can try on two engagement rings of your choosing from the comfort of your home. This helps ensure you're entirely in love with your choice. Try before you Buy!

In Conclusion

To find the perfect engagement ring, the oval-cut diamond is a stunning choice. But it's not all about the diamond shape. Remember to prioritize the 4Cs, select the right setting and metal, and consider style trends and practicality. Your budget, trending designs, and ethical concerns can also guide your decision. Take your time, make an informed choice, and know that With Clarity is here to help you find the ideal oval-cut diamond engagement of your dreams.

A Complete Guide to Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings for the Modern B (2024)


What is the ideal proportion for an oval diamond? ›

Most people say the ideal length-to-width ratio of an oval is 1.35-1.50. Diamonds that fall within this range will not be too round, or too pointy! The lower the ratio, the plumper the oval. Likewise, the higher the ratio, the skinnier!

How many prongs should an oval diamond have? ›

While a 4 prong setting is more common with ovals, we have created rings with 6 prong settings such as our Laura, which emphasizes the vertical proportions of the ring, like a marquise.

What is the best color and clarity for an oval diamond? ›

Oval-Cut Diamonds give a beautiful sparkle and style

It's recommended you choose an H color to be on the safe side and Si1 clarity.

What does oval cut diamond symbolize? ›

An oval diamond symbolizes everlasting love, family, and new beginnings, all of the things that come to mind when we think of a new marriage. The diamond's oval shape is endless as the diamond's facets circulate for eternity. This type of cut has many other meanings, demonstrating its versatility.

Is 2 carat oval diamond too big? ›

A 2 carat Oval diamond will attract plenty of attention and look bigger than most 2 carat diamonds, but they wouldn't be considered “too big” by most standards. The right diamond size for you ultimately comes down to personal preference and taste.

Do oval diamonds sparkle less? ›

Oval-cut diamonds are still very sparkly – they're just not as sparkly as the round-cut. It's important to note that oval-cut diamonds do not receive a cut grade from most grading laboratories, including the GIA. Only round-cut diamonds will receive a cut grade.

Should a oval diamond have 4 or 6 prongs? ›

Six prongs hold a diamond more securely in place. If a prong is accidentally sheared off in a four-prong setting, the center stone can easily fall out (and get lost). If a prong breaks in a six-prong setting, chances are the center stone will remain firmly in place.

What side stones look best with oval diamond? ›

For an oval, my personal favorite side stones are half moons and tapered baguettes. For a radiant and cushion cut, you want to go with brilliant cut trapezoids or tapered baguettes. Half moons are ideal for a more rounded look, and brilliant cut epaulettes add a nice geometric look.

Which prong setting makes diamond look bigger? ›

- The high setting sets off the stone from the rest of the ring, giving it the appearance of being larger than its actual size.

How do you avoid bow-tie in oval diamond? ›

To avoid a prominent bowtie shadow, symmetry is extremely important. Avoid a squat diamond, or a too-elongated diamond. Get that ideal "oval" outline by watching the length-to-width ratio. (Divide length by width to get this number.)

What is an oval cut diamond called? ›

Technically the Oval Cut is known as an Oval Modified Brilliant. It's a variation on the Round Brilliant and as such has the same 57 facets - 33 on the crown and 24 on the pavilion - although the Oval may have 4, 6, or 8 main pavilion facets. If well-proportioned, an Oval shaped diamond is an extremely beautiful stone.

What color in a diamond gives the most sparkle? ›

Color also has a big impact on the sparkle produced by a diamond. Because diamonds reflect white light, colorless diamonds produce the best sparkle and fire. In fact, the more color a diamond has, the less likely it is to reflect white light.

Why not to get an oval diamond? ›

Firstly, round diamonds hide color well because of their brilliance, so a lower color grade may still appear quite white. And secondly, oval diamonds tend to show more color because of their shallower cut, so they'll need a higher color grade to still appear white to the naked eye.

What does an oval engagement ring say about you? ›

The oval shape is a modified version of the classic round brilliant cut, offering a unique and elongated appearance. The symbolism associated with oval engagement rings is similar to that of a round one, representing eternal love and commitment.

What is the best setting for an oval cut? ›

The best settings for oval cut engagement rings include the 4-prong setting, the 6-prong setting, the three stone setting, the halo setting, and the bezel setting.

What is the golden ratio of a diamond shape? ›

Leonardo Da Vinci believed that anything designed with the Golden Ratio (AC/CB = 1.618) would be outstandingly attractive. Da Vinci incorporated this ratio into innumerable sketches, paintings and articles. Just recently jewellers have begun using diamonds based on Da Vinci's polygons and the Golden Ratio.

Is 1.5 carat oval too big? ›

Too big is relative. While a 1.5 carat diamond is larger than the average, what is considered “too big” is personal. If you prefer a more petite diamond of around 0.5 to 1 carat, then yes, it would be too big. However, if you are looking for a larger stone of 2 carats and up, then a 1.5 carat would be too small.


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