22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (2024)

Email, also known as electronic mail is a process where a person can exchange messages with others using an electronic device. It is a computer-based application that is easy to operate and exchange messages quickly. There are a number of email operating sites online that have been used extensively over the years for the purpose of sending messages, some of these are Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail (also known as Outlook now). While people use email addresses for their personal use, many businesses create random email and password to keep the company and main email account private. To do so, people use a temporary email generator tool which is a great asset for professionals. If you are someone who is looking for some of the best fake email address generators, then you have landed on the perfect page. In our today’s informative and elaborative guide, we will discuss a number of random email address generators that have been proven to be effective and the best in town for their features. So, without further ado, let us begin to know more about what email generators are, why are they required, and what different features they provide.

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What is an Email Generator?

  • An email generator is a tool that helps to quickly create a real and usable email address that can be used to protect a real email account.
  • Email generator tools are mostly used by professionals, companies, and businesses.
  • These email generators create temporary mailboxes that allow sending or receiving messages.
  • These tools can be used to create emails that help to avoid leaking your confidential information, advertise emails, be secure from spam emails, and send emails without the fear of getting tracked.

What is the Need for an Email Generator?

A random email and password help to keep your identity secure and safe from spam and advertising emails. Other than there are many reasons to use a fake email generator, let us have a look at some of them below:

  • Security: Neither is it safe to give your personal email account to a stranger nor it is recommended. This is because giving out personal information, especially on sites like dating, anonymous forums, classified ads, and other websites that cannot be trusted can be an issue. So, using a fake email and password comes in handy in this situation.
  • Privacy: A real email address is required by many sites, online activities, email confirmations, service signups, submissions, and downloads. However, using your valid email address in such situations can be risky as some sites tend to collect private information and sell or share it with third parties. Therefore, in such scenarios, a throwaway email is the most helpful.
  • Spam: Spam mail is another reason why people prefer to use a temporary email generator that helps them to give their fake email account almost everywhere unofficial. Spam mail leads to email overload which can slow down your work. It also welcomes viruses and malware attacks that are harmful to your device. So, using a fake email account for a fishy website does the work to protect you.
  • Testing: Another major reason behind a fake email generator is that it can be used during testing tasks like website features, development and quality assurance tasks, customer signups, and downloads in certain technical fields.
  • Organization: A single email address can be difficult to organize as it tends to fill fast with inbox messages. Also, it is extremely hard to maintain it considering the 126 messages a day that your inbox receives. So, you must keep a separate email account for unimportant emails while keeping your real account free of all spam.

List of Best Fake Email Address Generators

Keeping your email account safe and free of spammers is not a task in this tech-advanced world. It is rather easy to do so with the help of throwaway email. Let us now look at some of the best random email address generators tools that you can easily find online.

1. Burnermail

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (2)

The first fake email generator tool that we are going to discuss today is none other than Burnermail. This tool can generate an extra email id address for any website. Also, it is known to help you add multiple recipients to your account. This email service is highly used to generate multiple temporary emails which you can use for your daily unofficial use.


  • With the help of Burnermail, you can control who can send you emails and generate new burners with a single click.
  • Burnermail provides a unique and anonymous email address.
  • Burnermail also shields users by helping them block spam addresses.
  • It also helps to forward emails to your real email account while keeping your inbox and identity private.
  • A Burnermail user can easily reply to an email address anonymously using a burner address.
  • The application is known to offer browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, and others.
  • Burnermail helps you to protect your identity and keep your email address safe with ease.

2. Guerrilla Mail

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (3)

Guerrilla Mail was launched in 2006 and since then has been of the best random email address generators. The tool is completely safe to use with an extremely simple user interface. People can send or receive emails using this service. The application can be easily used even without registration.


  • Guerrilla Mail is famously known to generate multiple fake email addresses and also allows users to choose their own domain name.
  • Guerrilla Mail can easily send mail and also handle 150 MB attachments.
  • Guerrilla Mail deletes future spam emails that are sent to the temporary email.
  • It is a great tool to use to keep your inbox safe and clean.
  • The email generated by Guerrilla Mail is valid for 60 days.
  • Emails received on the fake email address generated by Guerrilla Mail are erased automatically after an hour.
  • The application is completely free-to-use.

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3. Temp Mail

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (4)

Best fake email address generators list contains another name that is popularly known for generating temporary email addresses, it is none other than Temp Mail. Temp Mail is a free disposable email service that helps users to receive unofficial emails at a temporary address.


  • Temp Mail generates temporary emails with legit domain names automatically.
  • Temp Mail also offers mobile applications for Android and iOS users.
  • It also provides users with some in-app purchases like an ad-free interface, multiple inboxes, extended email storage, and custom domain names.
  • Temp Mail helps in automatically removing the mail after some time.
  • It helps users to stay secure from unwanted emails.
  • It helps users to keep their inboxes free from advertising emails, hackers, and attacking robots.
  • Temp Mail also offers users to change their program setups and produce a simple design that does not require recipients to add their email addresses or Wi-Fi connection details.

4. TrashMail

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (5)

TrashMail is another great random email address generators tool that can help you get a disposable random email and password for temporary use. It is one of the most commonly used platforms since its release in 2002. The best part about TrashMail is that it helps in transferring all emails to the real address which ultimately protects your real mail from spam.


  • All emails to the fake email are forwarded to your real email address for a number of times that you can set up on the form.
  • When the limit of emails is reached, TrashMail automatically deletes them.
  • Mails like spam, newsletter, and others are rejected at TrashMail.
  • TrashMail users can also filter incoming mail with a CAPTCHA system.
  • The platform uses a secure SSL connection to send mail.
  • TrashMail offers all conventional email functions.
  • Fake emails are easy to send using the TrashMail without any registration.
  • The tool is free to use with limited features.
  • TrashMail users can also opt for TrashMail Plus option with all features which costs $20.99 USD per year.

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22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (6)

The next temporary email generator that we are going to discuss today is BLUR. It is a great application that helps to mask your real email address, mobile number, and credit card without any problem. The system helps to organize your personal information so that it becomes easy for you to track it.


  • BLUR helps you to create unlimited disposable email addresses that forward directly to your real email account.
  • BLUR also helps you with blocking or allowing future emails from a particular sender with just a single click.
  • Using BLUR, you can easily sign up for different accounts without providing your actual email address.
  • It helps to decrease spam and other junk emails.
  • You can easily manage your email without the need to switch accounts.
  • This system is extremely fast, simple, and effective.
  • BLUR also forwards the call from a masked phone automatically to you via voice call or text message.
  • It also helps you to perform online transactions with ease.
  • The user interface of BLUR is extremely easy to use.

6. Fake Mail Generator

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (7)

Fake Mail Generator is one of those random email address generators that are extremely popular and one of the first choices for most people. It helps to generate disposable email addresses with legit domain names. The tool offers several generic domain names including country-specific domains.


  • Fake Mail Generator generates a burner email address that can be used for 24 hours.
  • The application is known for instant activation as soon as the user chooses a domain name.
  • It helps to protect users from anonymous, throwaway, and disposable mail.
  • Fake Mail Generator also offers protection against advertising mail and spam.
  • Users can easily send and receive mail using this tool.
  • The tool offers 10 different country-specific domain names.
  • Fake Mail Generator is a free-to-use tool that can be used without any registration.

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7. HotTempMail

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (8)

Best fake email address generators list cannot be named without mentioning HotTempMail. It is a temporary email address generator tool that is safe and effective to use. It helps you to create an alternative email that you can use with different websites and offers.


  • HotTempMail helps you to beat spam mail and keep your inbox free of all the junk.
  • The ID generated by HotTempMail can be used anywhere on the internet.
  • It helps you to hide and mask your real email account easily.
  • This tool helps you to create as many temporary emails as you need.
  • It offers a custom username.
  • It also provides notification alerts from time to time.
  • HotTempMail offers email addresses from multiple domains.

8. 10 Minute Mail

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (9)

10 Minute Mail is the next email-generating tool that offers users a random email and password that they can use for different purposes online. As is clear from the name of the tool, it offers a free temporary email address that stays valid for 10 minutes. It is a perfect tool that can be used for the purpose of receiving a signup confirmation email.


  • The temporary email offered by 10 Minute Mail is automatically generated on opening the website.
  • Users can also reset the countdown clock for another 10 minutes if they need more time.
  • In case your mailbox expires, it can be recovered before it is permanently removed from your system.
  • The service can be easily used on a mobile device as well.
  • 10 Minute Mail helps to avoid spam and to maintain privacy.
  • The mailbox time can be set to 100 minutes using 10 Minute Mail.
  • The tool also offers support to avoid any errors.
  • The tool helps users to open, read, and reply to the received mail.

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9. Mailnator

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (10)

Another temporary email generator that is used as a public email service by several companies and businesses is Mailnator. This legit site can be used for testing a website’s sign-up system, customer email interactions, and mail-sending capabilities.


  • Mailnator allows developers and QA testing teams to test their email workflows including 2FA verifications, sign-ups, and password resets, and to test their SMS services easily.
  • Mailnator helps to send emails without any registration.
  • With the help of Mailnator, it is easy to read and search all email addresses.
  • Mailnator is a receive-only system.
  • It offers users to attach their domain name to Mailnator and get email addresses in one mailbox.
  • It offers API access and a private domain.

10. ThrowAwayMail

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (11)

ThrowAwayMail is one of those random email address generators that can be used to create a temporary email address to communicate with any website you want. On launching the ThrowAwayMail website, you will be provided with a new email ID that you can immediately receive in your mail.


  • The email address created by ThrowAwayMail cannot be used by other people.
  • The email created by the tool automatically expired after 48 hours.
  • This tool helps you to send and receive emails.
  • Email ID created by ThrowAwayMail can be used for signup and confirmation emails.
  • You can easily create unlimited emails without registration.
  • To use ThrowAwayMail, users must enable cookies and JavaScript.

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11. Fastmail

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (12)

Fastmail is the next one on the list of best fake email address generators. It is well-known for the fact that it helps to generate a unique disposable email address. The email created by Fastmail helps to save users from data breaches and spam.


  • Fastmail is known to sync with only one password which means you receive mail at your new address instantly.
  • Fastmail helps to create masked email accounts for every site.
  • It helps you to separate your online identities and manage them all from a single account.
  • On receiving unwanted emails, you can easily check which services were shared, sold, or leaked to your email address.
  • Fastmail offers privacy for your personal information.
  • The tool also provides a human support team for users when in doubt.
  • Fastmail helps to import your email, contacts, and calendar in minutes.
  • The tool can be easily downloaded on Windows, iOS, macOS, Android, Chrome OS, Linux, and Command-Line.
  • Fastmail has an advanced security system with authenticated encryption, PAKE, and more.
  • Fastmail offers a 14-day free trial to users.

12. ProtonMail

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (13)

ProtonMail is a service used by millions of users around the world to keep their communications private. The tool is a Swiss-based service that helps users to create additional random email and password that can be accessed from the same account.


  • ProtonMail helps users to create different identities for different purposes.
  • The service also allows users to create custom filters that automatically send mails to folders, archives, tags, etc.
  • ProtonMail offers zero access encryption and end-to-end encryption to secure emails.
  • ProtonMail also provides features like an import-export tool that helps transfer emails and information from other email accounts to ProtonMail.
  • This tool provides an anonymous email gateway.
  • ProtonMail can be accessed via a mobile app, mail app, and web browser.

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13. YOPmail

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (14)

YOPmail is a temporary email generator that helps protect your email account from unwanted mail, spam, junk, and robot mail that can sometimes be dangerous for your data. YOPmail generates random email addresses that help you protect your real email address.


  • The email ID generated by YOPmail can be used anywhere for the purpose of registration.
  • YOPmail helps to create disposable email addresses.
  • While using YOPmail, users are suggested to not delete cookies so that the tool can remember each inbox visit.
  • YOPmail stores messages for up to 8 days.
  • YOPmail helps to create a unique email ID for each and every user.
  • Registration to create a temporary email address is optional on YOPmail.
  • The tool offers an auto-generated inbox.
  • No password is required with YOPmail.

14. EmailOnDeck

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (15)

Random email address generators are extremely helpful when it comes to producing throwaway emails for websites and sign-ups. One such tool is EmailOnDeck which is a simple and free service that creates temp emails very fast in just two easy steps.


  • EmailOnDeck is used by professionals all around the world.
  • By using EmailOnDeck you can protect your privacy by blocking spam in your personal inbox.
  • Emails are deleted regularly with the help of EmailOnDeck.
  • This tool helps you to protect your online privacy.
  • On creating an email using EmailOnDeck, you will receive an email instantly.
  • EmailOnDeck does not allow other people to use your email address.
  • The email created by this tool automatically expires after 48 hours.

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15. MailCatch

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (16)

MailCatch is known as one of best fake email address generators that allows you to create temporary disposable mailboxes in a completely anonymous way. The email ID provided by MailCatch includes your username@mailcatch.com.


  • No registration is required to use MailCatch.
  • MailCatch is a fully free service that can be used without the need to sign up.
  • MailCatch offers email forwarding and private hosting with its premium service.
  • MailCatch helps to remove email addresses based on the server load.
  • Users can choose their login name on MailCatch of 1 to 25 characters.
  • The service can be used for an unlimited number of times.
  • MailCatch offers a Firefox add-on.

16. Getnada

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (17)

Getnada is another disposable temporary email generator that is used to create throwaway email accounts. The random email and password created by Getnada can be used by the user for the website and other purposes instead of the real email address.


  • Getnada enables the use of temporary email which users can copy-paste while registering on untrusted websites.
  • Getnada does not collect any personal details.
  • Individual messages are deleted by Getnada after 7 days.
  • Getnada allows users to create an unlimited number of inboxes.
  • Messages received are shown automatically without the need to refresh the page.
  • Getnada can be easily accessed using the Chrome extension.
  • Getnada can be used on Android devices as well with the help of its mobile application.
  • The tool is not suggested to be used for banking, buying cryptocurrencies, or registering for services that are used daily.

17. Moakt

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (18)

The next temporary email generator that we are going to discuss now is known as Moakt. Moakt offers a temporary email to a user that expires after an hour of getting created. You can use the email address created by Moakt for registration on unknown websites.


  • The temporary email address generated by Moakt helps users to send or receive emails from the inbox.
  • Fake emails generated with the help of Moakt are only accessible by the creator.
  • Moakt allows users to choose their domain name from the list available.
  • The tool safeguards the privacy of its user.
  • The throwaway address by Moakt can be used whenever it is required.
  • Moakt is known to use a secure SSL connection.

18. FakerMail

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (19)

FakerMail is one of those random email address generators that is free, anonymous, and browser-based tools that keeps your real email account safe and clean from spam, mailing lists, bots, and other malicious activity.


  • FakerMail is famously used to save email lists.
  • The tool sends notification alerts to its users when they receive an email.
  • FakerMail allows users to create unlimited temporary emails.
  • It also allows users to use their email again when required.
  • FakerMail offers a custom username for email.
  • It also provides multi-domain emails.
  • This tool can be used for the verification of Twitter, Facebook, or Netflix.

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19. LuxusMail

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (20)

Another one of best fake email address generators is LuxusMail. LuxusMail is a free temporary mail service that offers disposable email addresses that can be used to register for services or websites that seem risky or not safe.


  • LuxusMail is a great tool to use if you are looking to keep your mailbox secure from spammers, advertising newsletters, and attacking robots.
  • This temp email-generating service can be used without registration.
  • You can easily create unlimited temporary email accounts using LuxusMail.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface with a clean and neat design.
  • The emails are received immediately in the temporary mailbox.
  • It also allows users to download attachments, photos, videos, or other files that come with the mail.
  • LuxusMail is free to use on all devices without any limitations.

20. MyTemp

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (21)

MyTemp is a free service that creates random email and password temporarily. It is a great tool for a throwaway email service. The random email address created by MyTemp can be used to register at any website.


  • The emails received on the email address created by MyTemp are displayed directly in the online inbox.
  • The unique email address by MyTemp can only be accessed by you.
  • Emails received will be deleted after 24 hours.
  • Users are not required to refresh their page to get new emails in the mailbox.
  • MyTemp also provides a direct link to access your email.

21. Email Generator

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (22)

As the name suggests clearly, Email Generator is a service that provides users with temporary email addresses. This temporary email generator also lets users change their email addresses as they wish.

  • The service can be used as long as the email is active.
  • Users can either generate their own username or even write their own domain name.
  • Email Generator offers sound and popup notifications.
  • It also enables to use of a second-level domain.
  • Email Generator immediately shows incoming calls.
  • With Email Generator, it is extremely easy to choose a domain name.

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22. Tempail

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (23)

Random email address generators list cannot be complete without naming Tempail. Tempail is an email address offering service that offers emails expiring after an hour. Tempail can be used to create an email account that can be used for multiple site registration.


  • The websites where users can register using Tempail include Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.
  • Tempail is known to provide users with a QR code so that they can easily access their email addresses again.
  • Tempail is a safe way to use a fake email address.
  • Tempail also allows users to delete their fake email IDs.


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We hope that our elaborative guide on best fake email address generators provided you with a reliable list of tools that you can use safely and generate a fake email address for multiple purposes. Let us know which one of these random email address generators tools was a perfect fit for you. Also, if you have any queries or suggestions, you can leave them with us in the comments section below.

22 Best Fake Email Address Generators (2024)


What is a good dummy email? ›

Use disposable email services such as Temp Mail, EmailOnDeck, or 10 Minute Mail. Generate a temporary email using email providers such as Gmail, ProtonMail and Outlook.

Is there a legit 10 minute email? ›

10 Minute Mail - is a free instant email address that self-destructed after ten minutes. Nowadays, the email is necessary to perform many operations on the Internet. But, providing your real address to everyone who asked, you risk getting spammed. To avoid that, use an instant 10minutemail address.

Which email is least likely to be hacked? ›

Top private, encrypted, and secure email services
  • AdGuard Temp Mail. AdGuard Temp Mail is a new temporary email service from AdGuard, a renowned expert in online security and ad blocking. ...
  • ProtonMail. ...
  • Tutanota. ...
  • Hushmail. ...
  • Mailfence. ...
  • Posteo. ...
  • Runbox. ...
  • Zoho Mail.
Aug 18, 2023

What is the best free email? ›

Best Free Email Accounts
  • Gmail: Best for Offline Accessibility.
  • AOL: Best for Interface Organization.
  • Outlook: Best for Multiple App Integrations.
  • Neo: Best for Creating a Custom Email Without a Domain.
  • Yahoo! Mail: Best for Lots of Storage.
  • iCloud Mail: Best for IMAP.
  • Mozilla Thunderbird: Best for Managing Multiple Accounts.
Mar 29, 2024

Is burner email safe? ›

Temporary email addresses and burner emails are safe as long as they are provided by a trustworthy company. As the service is supposed to either forward emails to your main inbox or just serve as an email inbox, an unscrupulous provider could have a way to read your messages.

Can tempmail be tracked? ›

Your temporary e-mail address is completely anonymous. Your details: information about your person and users with whom you communicate, IP-address, e-mail address are protected and completely confidential. TEMP-MAIL does not store your IP-address.

Is there a free Gmail account for 10 minutes? ›

As the name suggests, MinuteInbox - 10 Minute Mail offers a temporary email address that is valid for 10 minutes by default. The service is simple and easy to use, and you can create a temporary email address with just one click.

What's a good generic email? ›

As the organization grows bigger, it is recommended to use generic or purpose-based email addresses like contact@domain.com, support@domain.com, info@domain.com, etc. which suit the specific purposes.

What is a good discreet email address? ›

ProtonMail is one of the best anonymous email service providers and it's free! Your emails are end-to-end encrypted. The only party who can read your email is the receiver of your message. ProtonMail can't access your messages because they're stored in an encrypted state.

What is a good valid email? ›

One of the most common formats is firstname.lastname@example.com, but many other formats are also entirely acceptable, such as firstname@example.com. A good professional email address used in a resume or on a business card can also help make a good first impression.


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